The History!

The Early Years!

Marine Recon Alpha Started out as a Team for the Game Delta Force in 1998 by the player Gen-Ghost. Later he switched his team over to playing Counter-Strike. Where he met the player Bastard!. Bastard and Gen-Ghost soon started to grow their team and build a small community of players.

League Hardships!

Cyber Athletes Amateur League AKA CAL, was one of the largest Structured Competition groups at the time. Mainly catering towards online tournaments between teams of 12 to 6 players. At the time MRA had grown to 50+ players. Gen-Ghost and Bastard! Decided to split the group into four separate teams of 15 max. This would allow for 12 players with 3 alternates if needed. So all members could participate in League play. They adopted a Simple Naming system Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Gamma, where Alpha would be the top team consisting of the best players after a inter team tournament. Players would be shuffled and play against each other and with each other on various maps to determine the best group composition. This functioned for one Season in CAL then the team leaders of Bravo, Delta, and Gamma all wanted to have their own team names and later split from the main group.

EST. 2001

The New year dawned and Gen-Ghost sought a higher calling in life. He joined the Marine Corps. Taking a long vacation from the group he left Bastard! in charge. Having built the team to 50+ members than loosing 75% of them all in one year takes its toll on moral. In order to stoke the Fires again, Bastard! moved forward with branching out to other Counter-Strike Variants. Shifting the team into a Direction that it had never been. Due to the 3 different game and the sudden influx of membership again the Gaming Community was born.

The Golden AGE!

MRAGC grew to over 500+ members in the years that followed its establishment. Sponsoring multiple teams both for Online Tournaments and LAN Tournaments in various Online and LAN Leagues. Some of the greats were RIP, Team Beer, and Zero. A new shift brought MRA into the world of MMOs, and RTSs turning MRA from just an FPS gaming community into one that plays all sorts of games.

The Fall!

As the many online gaming Leagues such as CAL fell to televised gaming tournaments so did MRA’s Membership. There was a major shift happening in the First Person Shooter world. One that would change the way tournaments are played for ever. MRA also shifted its focus to that which its members were more focused on, MMOs.


MRA went into a sleep mode for the next few years. Still having some teams playing LAN tournaments in the FPS world. The RTS world all but died off, and the MMOs were slowly picking up speed. Final Fantasy XI, EVE online, and World of WarCraft to name a few had memberships rise and fall with various clans, linkshells, and corps come and go. The Membership fell and soon so did the need to really keep track of it.

The Return!

MRA is returning to its former glory however. Its once again diving into FPSs and wanting to build and establish groups in multiple games. Building support for those games, along with game recommendations. So join us, have fun, and get involved in our Return to GLORY!